Je suis fière de vous présenter une scrappeuse et photographe de talent ... Tiffany ...

Je laisse la parole à Tiffany et vous invite, si besoin à utiliser l'outil de traduction ...

Tiffany, thanks for this marvelous Wall Art ... it's so magic

La fée and co

1) Who are you ?

My Name is Tiffany Kirchner, and I own a photography and art studio called Shabby Scraps. I am a 36 year old mother of two girls, a professional photographer, and a artist. I live near Seattle, Washington, USA on a small farm with many animals. I love travelling the country on photographic expeditions and teaching art classes, as well as tending my farm and garden.

2) Your favorite shabby products

Some of my favorite supplies to incorporate into art pieces are old linens and vintage jewelery.

3) My blogs and favorite links

You can please visit me anytime, at or please visit some of my favorite links.....  , ,

The project :

here are the pictures of a vintage inspired Wall Art  I made.

I used materials such as a vintage linen and crocheted pillowcase for the base of the art piece. The burlap is an old grain sack. The bow and embroidered satin piece as well as the handmade lace comes from a wedding dress from the 1800's. The postcard is also from the 1800's and I love the colors, and the birds on it. The blue flowers and velvet ribbon are from an old millinery hat from the 1940's. The Vintage jewel is a shoe clip from the 1940's. I thought this would make a very nice piece of art to hang in a bedroom, or other room in the house. This particular piece I made for a friend, who inspired teh colors and theme, it will be a gift for her.

I love creating art from vintage items I repurpose. It makes the piece unique, one of a kind. I often find my supplies for pieces such as this at flea markets and estate sales.






Standing ovation for tiffany :o)

La fée and co